Thursday, January 20, 2011

I shall interpret my February 2011 issue of Seventeen magazine for you...

sweater, page 105
boots, page 105

sweater, page 87
eyelet top, page 104
dress, page 103
another one for dress, page 103
dress, page 105
A little bit inspired by: skirt, page 84
boots, page 87
shoes, page 26
shoes, page 26
There is not actually anything like these in the magazine but there should be.
Page 28. Winter wardrobe, sweetheart dress, boho.
Page 29. winter wardrobe, tribal skirt, comfy.
tribal skirt, page 29
Alrighty then! I was just looking in my latest Seventeen (my school's library gets an extra issue and I get to keep it and treasure it forever!) and I found myself thinking: nice crap. (which I mean as a compliment) but I think I could take this crap (again, in a good way) and run with it! Into a wall at 95 miles per hour! (Oh, I'm just kidding... I can't run that fast.) But seriously, there are some really cute outfits in there! I wanted to offer some cheaper (or less costly- if you want me to use academic diction like my mythology instructor always says to) alternatives to those cute outfits and spins on some of the looks in there. I am NOT copying!!!! I am borrowing... Just because I love them and they inspired me.
Good night! Love,
P.S.: I haven't been able to post in a while because the high school and college class semesters overlapped, sooo... I've had two class loads to deal with. Good thing that's over. Now I'll have time to post again.


  1. i'm in love. those shoes in the second picture are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! can you check for me where are they from?

    - your finnish friend ;)

  2. Yes, my dear! They are called: Rebels Commander Canvas Ankle Boot. They are $59.50. They are from Yay! I got to be helpful! I guess the link didn't work for that one... something I shall remedy quickly!

  3. thank you darlin!!

    - anna