Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dawning of a New Year

I have always felt like New Years resolutions are pointless. They never, ever last! At least for me. And almost everyone I know.
But I do understand the symbolism behind them. And maybe, if I try really hard, I can have the self-control to keep to some this year. So, today I am doing something that I NEVER do... writing down my resolutions for this new year: 2012.
This year I will:

1. Learn to knit, make baskets, etc.
2. Try to eat a more well-rounded, balanced diet (while still sticking to my "food issues" diet)3. Let go. Of trauma. Of the past. Of inhibitions. Of pain. Just Let Go.
4. Do required reading for my classes.
5. Have adventures! Even when I have no money and feel like there is nothing to do.
6. Dance.7. Write a book.
8. Do more yoga.
9. Take chances with people. Open up. Trust. Trust.10. It doesn't matter if my family doesn't like me when I open up to them if they already don't like this "perfect Bellamy" that I try to show them. If they already don't like me, then I have NOTHING to lose.
11. Stay in touch with my sisters.
12. Trim split ends every 2-3 months.
13. Get tattoo.14. Go on a road trip with friends.
15. Save money for said road tripping.
16. Put batteries in camera and take more pictures.
That's all I can think of. So I guess I"ll just share some things I got for Solstice this year!
1. An Archeology kit!
2. Season 4 of Psych on DVD!
3. More crochet hooks!
4. A stir fry pan and chopsticks!
5. Orange "curvy skinny" pants! That fit!
6. A book of codes and ciphers!
Those are some of my favorite presents that I got from various people:) My friends and mommy really know me:) And my brother-in-law, apparently. He's the one who put together the whole archeology kit. I'm still really excited about that! Now I can go dig stuff up in the woods!
I guess I'll go now.
(Images taken by Hubble telescope except two that are from the Oregon Coast)

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