Monday, January 30, 2012

Paper or Plastic?... or crochet??...

I often find myself wondering about plastic produce bags. I know that there are reusable grocery bags that people can use, but what about all the plastic bags you have to put your produce in? Well, there are these cute mesh/net bags at Pilgrim's Market that I love but don't want to buy. So! I looked it up and found two options:
Up-cycled t-shirts
I like the up-cycled t-shirt idea because anyone can make it and it's a great way to use all of those old stained t-shirts.
But I LOVE to crochet! And I found this super easy pattern! So I'm definitely going to make several dozen. Or maybe just three or four:) I just need some thin cotton yarn or some linen yarn.
I'll need a different kind of reusable bag for little things that would fall through these produce bags... like nuts. Also, for the misted veggies at the market because I'd feel weird putting wet stuff in cloth or yarn bags. So I think I need to buy some mesh fabric and make some little bags for that kind of stuff. Remember when you could get oranges in those little mesh bags? I just reminded myself of childhood grocery shopping with my mommy:) What fun!
On a related note: I'm going to crochet myself a purse (in ocean colors like teal, aqua, sea foam green...), but I think I'll get started on these produce bags really soon.


  1. i like your blog! let's follow Each other? i'll be very happy)

  2. Hey thanks for commenting and the jeans tip. There are some similar shops to Sears here and I think I will go have a look in them, bound to be better value then the likes of American Apparel anyway. Crocheting your own bag is a great idea. Interested to see the outcome.