Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My Halloween festivities were sadly lacking:( It seems that they always are! Halloween is absolutely, beyond all doubt my favorite holiday. Samhain, All Hallows Eve, what have you, I LOVE that day dedicated to the morbid, the absurd, the long-gone, the glowing flickering candles lighting the laughing Jack o' Lantern faces from within.
This year, the weekend before Halloween, I came down with the flu. I think it's from all those people at college getting their flu shots. They're being infected with a virus, how are they NOT going to be contagious? At least SOME of them? They got me sick. I know it. Stupid free vaccinations...
Thursday and Friday I wanted to go to Greenbluff (which is apparently like Apple Hill in Placerville where I used to go every fall) because I've never been and I heard they had a pumpkin patch and apple orchard. Sadly my friends were busy. Saturday I went to the Halloween/birthday party of a friend of a friend. She's a really nice girl from Portugal (originally from France) and I liked her a great deal. I was already coming down with the bug by that time, but I wanted to do something fun.
I was extra sick the next day.
So I sadly didn't do anything on Halloween day:( I had wanted to go to the haunted house and make silly home movies with friends. I ended up carving a pumpkin with my mom. But I actually really enjoy hanging out with my mom. We made harvest-y soup and served it in little pumpkins and it was delicious! So, even though I was sick and didn't get to do much, it wasn't a bad day.
Anyway, happy November!

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