Thursday, November 3, 2011

Talented Folks I know from High School

Sadicus and her little sister
Some freerunning dudes
The Ongoing Concept
There are more, I'm sure. These are just the ones I could easily find and remember and whatnot.
When Shenanigan and I make our music video with birds and foxes, we will join the list:) It's gonna be kickass. I think I'll go play guitar now. The keyboard is all funky so... I'm annoyed. I had been avoiding facebook for awhile, not on purpose, but because I just don't think about it. So I guess "avoiding" isn't the right word. But I didn't get this wonderful message until quite awhile after the friend had written it, and now I don't know what. I wrote back but I hope he responds. Eh. I'm just being a goose and probably got WAY too excited over this simple little message. He just said he misses me. But I don't know I guess I can't help but want that to mean something after 4 years of ridiculous crushing. Ggrr. We'll see.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool!

    And don't stress over messages. I've been doing a dance with the same lad for the last (almost) four years, and it's frustrating and silly. But I *do* think that if a fellow says he misses you, there's a chance there could be something there. Usually, folks won't send a message like that for nothing.

    Don't feel silly for getting excited. It's natural. :)