Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blah, blah!!

I have a joke for y'all:
Two ferrets were in a bar. One ferret leans over to the other and whispers: "I slept with your mother."
The other ferret doesn't respond, so the first ferret repeats himself, louder this time: "I slept with your mother!"
The other ferret still doesn't respond, so finally the first ferret yells: "I SLEPT WITH YOUR MOTHER!!"
The other ferret finally turns to him and says:
"shut up dad"
I REALLY love that joke. Seriously, I have the strangest sense of humor. Most of my favorites I heard from Sadicus. She's weird, too.
In other news: I'm getting those Minnetonka boots I wanted Thursday!! From a small family-owned business!! This will be my first ever brand new pair of Minnetonkas! My first pair belonged to my grandmother (I think) and my second were $4 at a thrift store. These are new! I'm only able to get them because the child support people finally pressured my dad into giving my mom some money. Yay for child support services! Of course, most of our money goes toward food, but this was my (belated) back-to-school thing for the year:)
In other other news: I recently found gluten/sugar-free cinnamon raisin bread that doesn't negatively affect my gag reflex. Woot woot! Speaking of back-to-school, I registered for my next semester classes! Starting January, I'll be taking Archeology, Sociology, Intermediate Algebra, Native Peoples of North America, American Indian Studies, and American Indian History. They're all great! Except Algebra. Bleck:( But I'm excited to have 3 American Indian classes! And my first Archeology class! I'm graduating from high school in December because I'll have all of my high school classes done after this semester is over! So woohoo! for early graduation! My sister still beat me by a semester, but eh. I still feel smart. How I wish I had more interesting things to talk about in my life.
I hope to eventually have some sort of coherent post, but for now, adieu.

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