Thursday, October 27, 2011

Computer Switcheroo!/Wishlist

I am writing to you from a new computer. Well, not a new computer... our old computer actually. See, we'd been using my grandparents' computer but now we're using my mom's. It's a dinosaur. Actually, I wouldn't call it a dinosaur. It's old, but not that old. Maybe Australopithecus (proto-human ancestor). Ancient, but more modern than triceratops. Hehhem. Geek. Moral of the story: Guess who's blog has pictures again!!
I like anything with a Firefly, Psych, Princess Bride, or Young Frankenstein reference. So I found a shirt with a quote from Wash from Firefly! It says: "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" Hhahahaha! Mine is an evil laugh! I also love buttons. I don't care how hipster it is. I just love them. These are Simon Tam quotes from Firefly, my favorite is: "I've been thinking of growing a big black mustache. I'm a traditionalist." Funny, funny man. I love this wolf hat but sadly, SOLDOUT! I'm still looking for a good (cheap) one. This shirt is in the style of the PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) label, but says: "Hipsters Ruin Everything". Hipsters are known for their excessive consumption of PBR, my mom drinks it and I want her to have this shirt:) Another Firefly reference: "Dear diary, today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were captured by hill people never to be seen again. It was the best day ever." These are so much better if your a Firefly fan. They're golden:) Deer+Bear=Beer. I know it's an ironic trucker hat and I'm so ashamed! I love River Tam. My nephew says she reminds him of me... I love you, Ethan! This is a t-shirt. And yes. It's another Firefly quote. I'm going to get a grey sweater from Goodwill and sew elbow patches on myself. It's cheaper. And homemade is always better! I already have the perfect buffalo plaid fabric scraps to make the patches! Appropriation is bad. But I love this dress and want it. Its pretty. Besides, at least it's not called Navajo Nights or Cherokee Sunset. I hate when they name things after tribes that have nothing to do with them. Calling it "tribal" print isn't as bad. All world peoples were at some point "tribal". These are lovely fair isle leggings. I want another color, but didn't show them because I don't want people buying them all up before I have a chance! I can't help but love this button. And these wonderfully 70s corduroy shorts. Tricky Mr. Foxy Fox is divine! I don't know why I said that. I want this shirt though.
I would feel so pretty and ballerina-esque. The nerd in me said: Holy Harry Potter Batman! Since When does Delias carry Hogwarts shirts?! Fair Isle and quite close to what I've been searching for. Close enough at least. This one's close, too. Disney Pocahontas taught me my life lessons and I will never stop being a follower of her wonderful cartoon Algonquin ways. I love these. And they're called "Tramper", how cool is that name?! They don't have my size, but I found them somewhere else. Aladdin is another meaningful Disney movie for me. I recently read Arabian Nights (1,001 Nights) and realized why the rest was never made into a children's cartoon. Can we say: sexual! Murderous! Sexist! But an enjoyable read overall.
I guess you may have figured out that this post is really just a time for me to celebrate the return of my picture posting ability by sharing my current wishlist with y'all. I basically just like nerdy hipster pretty things. Honestly, I wouldn't say I'm a hipster, but I do LOVE the same stuff hipsters love. But I don't judge and I don't care about trends. We just so happen to enjoy the same things. I told my friend once that we're the people hipsters are trying to be. Heehee. You could say I'm just a thoroughly 90s kind of gal who loves irony and folksy stuff. Kind of a hippie. But don't tell my grandfather.
What are you guys obsessing over lately?

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