Monday, October 10, 2011

Well, I'm actually not sure what this post is about.

So school started in September, and I've been quite busy. I've got two literature classes and, boy , let me tell you: that's alotta reading. And writing. Essays. Responses. AAAHH! Not to mention my many other classes and their respective work loads. But that is A-OK. I. Can. Do. It.
Truly all I want to do though is go into the woods. Craft a mask of wood. Fashion a wolf hat of yarn. A wolf in sheep's clothing. That is what I seem to be. A wolf living this life of sheep. Dance around a fire- as the flames grow higher and higher- with a frenzied abandon known only to those who have truly left the building! In a literal and metaphorical sense: literally left buildings and metaphorically left the prevailing cultural notion that we must all be the same. Collect berries at dawn, grind grain at noon, partake of homemade wines at sunset, dance beneath the moon at midnight and on. And on. The rain has come and all
I want to do is dance. The rain makes me want to dance.
October is the best month. I wait all year for the fleeting perfection of October. And I'm wasting it sitting in school. I can't stand living in a neighborhood. I am not programmed for conventional society.
I'm really looking forward to All Hallows Eve this year! I'm hoping to go to the PF haunted house, the GB pumpkin patch/corn maze, and host a smashing Halloween party. I'm wrestling with myself on that one. I don't see the purpose or fun in partying, to be honest. Why would I hang out with a bunch of people I only marginally like, who will probably destroy my house, and open the door to stupid drunken teen drama. I have seen far too many teen movies to be naive to the ways of high school/college parties. On the other hand, I'm a teenager and I am NOT supposed to be this wise. I SHOULD be out partying, pirating illegal videos, recklessly driving, getting smashed, and basically being completely uncaring about the problems I create for others and myself. I should be an ignorant jerk, making multiple mistakes. Sadly, there would be no lesson learned from these mistakes as I have literally learned them all already without having to do the stupid things to learn them. I am much too intuitive. It is a curse. And I'm very grateful for it as it is a gift as well. Strange days...
Basically, the moral of the story is: I'm having a raging Halloween party and, against my better judgement, I will be inviting people other than my two friends. I mean, I have lots of aquaintance-friends but I really only like my two best friends and don't see any value in hanging out with other people. I am a shadowy recluse.
Umm... I love Samantha Crain and First Aid Kit. Please check them out. That is all.

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