Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I rode my Firefly to a River of Serenity

Still moving.
You know the best part about moving? Being able to decorate the new room (or house, if you're the household adult). I just love decorating! This room is Moroccan bazaar themed, and I'm pretty psyched to make it all pretty... and have a clean, shiny, new room for a while!
You know the worst part of moving? Moving.
I camped this weekend- hence I haven't been around the blogosphere. It was a pretty wild weekend, complete with stumbling into the woods (1st night) at 11 pm and trying to put up Shenanigan's ridiculously difficult tent in the pitch black on a hillside right off the road, packing everything back up the next day to find a better camp spot, running back into town for batteries and water, partying like previously home-schooled college kids, and throwing up (That was me. I barfed in the campfire. Alot.). I was sick for the 4th because I was stupid on the 3rd. Jolly good.

I'm making stuffed mushrooms as I write and listening to Joni Mitchell with my dear mumsykins. That's an endearing way to say mom, in case you were wondering.
Now, without further ado I shall share with the world my undeniable love for Firefly and specifically the character River Tam. River is the mentally traumatized psychic assassin spaceship-dwelling teenager in the show Firefly (it and Alias are my VERY favorite shows). My 12-year-old nephew saw this part and said she reminded him of me. This was the greatest compliment of my life. I have the series on DVD and have watched it multiple times! I didn't include River in my previous post on fictional idols because I'm pretty much just like her. I guess I could just be my own idol. But that would be vain. Hhaha! Anyhoo, love this show!!! And love you too!!! Love,


  1. Ahh, I love Firefly. Particularly Wash. Alan Tudyk is just such a fox!

  2. I dunno if I'd say Wash is a fox, but... Mal certainly is:) First time I've come across someone who loves FIrefly AND Chris Thile without my having to introduce them to it first, so props to you Forestlass!