Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Friend, my friend, and myself

This Monday started out like any other Monday in the life of Bellamy. I left for school at 8. Got there, was told by a security guard that a water line was having issues and the only parking was in the two open lots, and drove around looking for a spot that I- with my sadly sub-par parking skills- could worm my way into.
...so maybe not any other day...
I ended up parking 30 minutes walk across town in a neighorhood behind the public library. It indeed did sucketh, dear readers. And I am sore (*pouty face*). I also had to suffer through a disgustingly hefty load of books on the 30 minute walk to the college and my Literature of Western Civilization class (which I had apparently had an internet assignment for in the previous week that I had not done. You know, this class wan't even supposed to be internet-based at all. It is not what I was expecting, but I really love the in-class discussions so I kind of just grin. and. bear it.). Then I got out of my Computer class early for my lunch break and decided that, since I had alomst 2 hours to kill, I should walk back to my car and dump all the stuff that I didn't need. In all, it was an hour walk to my car and back to school. I enjoyed 2 more thrilling classes (Physical Anthropology and Intro to Literature) before meeting up with Shananigan (who is now attending NIC, too!) and once again trekking to my oh-so-far-away car. We drove it back to the school- thankfully the daytime classes were over and there were open parking spaces close to the school. We walked around downtown 'til about 6 then headed over to Calypso's for open mic night. Sadicus joined us later, and we laughed and enjoyed Shananigan's recent spiritual awakening and listened to second-rate singers and danced with wild abandon... on our asses... without leaving our seats. That still counts as dancing with wild abandon, right? Then walked back to our cars through the creepy nightime park and and parted ways once we reached the lot. Yes, I love my friends. Thursday I'm possibly attending the first French Club meeting of the year at the high school. But only if I have enough gas for the rest of the week. I'm spending Thursday night with Shan-Shan at my sister's apartment (to babysit her weiner dog) and we shall sing and write songs along with my lovely guitar. Friday we're going to go to the high school to meet this year's foreign kids, because we LOVE foreign exchange kids. I mean, foreigners tend to be so much cooler than the chaps of Northern Idaho, and I hear there is an Australian guy this year. Here's hopin' that he's cute.
Saturday my dad is hopefully taking me to see the wolf people, and Shananigan may come then too. We're making up for her antisocial summer working for the slave drivers known as Silverwood Theme Park. Sunday is a day for any residual homework from the previous school week, and Monday I plan to play Calypso's open mic night. I'm pretty excited!
Honestly, It's only Tuesday and this is looking to be the best week I've had in a REALLY long while.
Check out this youtube video on "unschooling". I love it. I think I'll "unschool" my future children.

My laptop has been experiencing major technical difficulties since we moved and this is my grandparents computer, so i can't post pictures from it. Hopefully I'll figure a way around that soon. But until then, bear with me and my text-only posts. I'll try to link to other sites and videos as often as possible to keep things interesting.



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