Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY dye or I'll just die

 This August I'm moving to Moscow, Idaho to go to the University of Idaho for probably about a year. I'm going to live with my best friend (1 of 2) Shenanigan/ShanShan-the-handyman, which I am pretty excited about! We're already coming up with all these crazy plans and fun crafts we can do. Anyway, I tie-dyed a shirt last month and now I want to dye everything! It was so simple and so fun!
 So, enjoy perusing through my absurd amount of ombre shorts pictures, found thanks to the wonder that is GoogleImages.

I also want to make curtains! This curtain is from Urban Outfitters (i.e. too expensive for me!), so I think I'm going to try to make some for one of my windows. See, I think if I got a set of white cotton curtains I could dye the bottom two colors, then use a stencil and fabric paint to put a design over the top! Then I want the curtains on my other window to be aqua ombre. So I'm going to be DIYing all of my curtains.
I love the idea of having a sea glass decorating theme. All airy and watery and calm. But also spicy and colorful, like Mexican food and Brazil. So I want papaya, mango, and sea glass for my color palette.

 But also ocean grey and that sea-sprayed coastal town white.
 I don't particularly like this room, but it was the best example I could find of all these colors together. Mine will look crazier, more artistic, prettier.

I used to live in Monterey, California, and I miss the beach and the boardwalk. Most of all I miss being near the ocean. I love the ocean.
I guess this post is a little all over the place, but so is my head so...
I would love to transfer to UC Santa Cruz next year to finish my B.A. because their anthropology program has a whole lot more South America-specific classes and the Latin American Studies program is kick ass. After that, I really want to do my graduate studies in South America (since that's where I want to use that doctoral degree, anyway)- I'm thinking Brazil, Ecuador, or Argentina would be my best option. Anyhoo, what do you guys think? Anyone decorating a room (or whole condo, like me)? Or trying to figure out their next move in life?
Happy Colombian Independence Day!

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