Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here's another inspiration post. I'm finally on Spring Break- and tomorrow I'm leaving for Moscow (Idaho, not Russia, sadly) to stay 'til Sunday. I'm gonna go down and check out the condo before I move in (which will be in August), which seems like a good idea. Anyway, the inspiration is kind of what's inspiring me when it comes to possible future decoration in my room and maybe parts of the rest of the place. I'm starting a collection:)
So here goes:
Wait! Tropical Mango Smoothie- I found this recipe and HAVE to try it! I'm obsessed with mango! Okay, now here goes:
Driftwood spice rack- I'm going to steal this idea! But you can buy the real deal here.Merida, Mexico- I'll be applying to a year-long study abroad program here this time next year! Remember how I'm obsessed with mangoes? I'm going to paint 1 wall this color (if I can paint at the condo...?), one wall would be darker teal/turquoise/aqua, and the two remaining would be medium-to-light turquoise/aqua. Can you picture it? I think it sounds boss, just captain:) My current inspiration is bright, colorful row houses like you would see in South/Central America and the Caribbean. I also love mermaid figurines that look like they came right out of the sea... I just became the proud purchaser of this beautiful burlap coffee sack (click on the pic to go to the Etsy shop) and I'm really quite pleased:) Surfing in Ecuador- my dream. The movie Colombiana. A new favorite, for obvious reasons. One being Michael Vartan. Another being the hottie Zoe Saldana kicking some serious crime lord ass. I have a weird fascination with women who kill people.
Ukuleles that look like fruit. I don't really think I have to explain why that's awesome.

So, there ya go. Colorful, beachy vibe. I've been thinking about how much I'd love to live in a house made out of an old bus or VW van and driftwood, etc. It could be rustic in the Winter and beachy in the Summer. I'd be quite happy. Especially if it was built around a big tree...

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