Monday, July 19, 2010

La Belle Bohemian dans le Cafe...

Woo! My first blog post on blogspot, I must be a pro now- I'm moving up from myspace blogs! So this post is about boho-cafe style with a twist of my signature love of all things French. The key is in the small details: you can wear a plain white t-shirt and jeans and still make this look work if you have the right accessories. Abstract/eccentric jewelry (like my peacock feather earrings and tons of unique bracelets) is really important for pulling this off. Birks, boots, Oxfords, and booties are probably the best shoes, especially in burgundy or brown, but keds and converse can be great, too. I have a whole collection of French t-shirts (dis fromage; Le Chat; Du Chat Noir) which look tres belle with a knee length skirt, tall brown equestrian boots (which are sadly extremely hard to find cheap new or vintage in my size. if you're one of those ninnies with size eight feet you can find them vintage on etsy for really cheap- and I'm horribly jealous of you). Sweaters are always a safe bet for this look except in summer. In summer you can wear a funky paisley tank top, shorts or cargo capris, birks or folksy-print flats, and layers of jewelry. My favorite hairstyle for this look is a messy braid or messy bun, unless you have Long hair and blunt bangs which is really cute just down and natural but a real booger to grow out when you want a change later on.
Hey! I'm editing this post almost a year later! I found some pics to go along with these lovely words I wrote. Here they are!
PROPS TO: for the pic of Jessica Alba in her cute cafe-ish outfit, for the 2 cute dresses, Miss Pandora for her perfect sense of style, teenvogue for some super outfits, for a beautiful Italian coffee shop outfit, for the cute boho/cafe outfit with the hat, for the gorgeous bag and fringe booties, for the awe-inspiring necklaces, and the sweet picture of the lady with a striped shirt and adorable hat is Coco Avant Chanel. Okydoke dears, I feel better with some pictures on this previously amateurish post (t'was definitely not premeditated [ that's the word of the day today {and today is 1/3/11!}]) Love,

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